3 Best countries in the world in the world to retire to


Retiring abroad

If you are looking to retire abroad and get to see a bit more of there world there are some places that one can retire to that gives great value for the dollar and could possibly even stretch them a little further for a few luxuries.

3 Best Countries in the world to retire to

#1           Panama
Panama has friendly, welcoming locals and a mix of scenery from lush jungle, to mountainous peaks and a clear blue ocean.
It is quite a popular destination for retirees with all its great benefits it offers it senior citizens plus the cost of living is a lot less than it is in the States ensuring your retirement money goes a lot further.

#2           Costa Rica
Whether you are looking to buy or rent a new home abroad for your retirement Costa Rica is a great place to start looking.  The rent and cost of living there are on average about 24% lower than that of the USA.  If you are looking to buy you can enjoy rates and taxes at about one quarter the prices of that of USA rates and taxes.
If you are looking to stretch your retirement dollars that much further and enjoy a healthy active retirement lifestyle with an abundance of things to see and do then this is the place for you.
To put the cherry on top you are not going to find a place with better health care than here.

#3           Mexico
Bordering the USA so as to keep a close proximity for those with family ties and they will offer a four-year visa to people who own property in Mexico and meeting the monthly income minimal requirements.   The only negative about Mexico is that you do have to be careful where you settle down so always check with the State Department on the safest places to go in Mexico.


When choosing to relocate for you retirement make sure you have done your research well.  Check the political stability of the country, if the climate suits you if you need medical attention ensure that the country has the required medical professionals and or clinics you may need.  It is very important to check on visa and medical requirements.

3 Best countries in which to invest in real estate for 2018

The call for international real estate investment

It is nearly everyone’s dream to be able to invest in property in some exotic location be it for investment purpose, holiday home, retirement or to relocate.

3 Best countries for property investments in 2018

#1           Dominican Republic
With increase tourist trade and a rise in direct foreign investment this paradise with its crystal clear sea, white shores and great weather are enjoying strong steady economic growth. As such, there is a strong call for holiday apartments of which businessmen travelling to the Dominican Republic has been known to prefer especially those that stay longer than a week or two.
It would be a very sound investment to invest in holiday apartments designed specifically to meet the needs of these businessmen.

#2           Portugal
Portugal is one of the few countries where a non-resident can actually own property.  With the steady property markets of Portugal which have been on a steady increase since 2015, this is a place where you can invest in a great holiday home that could also make you some money as a holiday rental.  Especially if you are willing to take on a renovation project.  As Portugal is another popular tourist destination with its rich history, warm diverse culture and great beaches it is a sound property investment venture for 2018

#3           Brazil
Known for its party festivals this is a country that also has a steady tourist trade with the currency a bit weaker against the dollar it also makes buying a property a lot less expensive.A good place to start looking for property to invest in is the coastal region of Fortaleza.


If you are serious about investing in any international real estate, it is advisable to get professional help from both a legal and international realtor expert.  With the current economy, one must always check what the property markets are doing before investing hard earned cash in order to ensure your investment is sound and beneficial.

Some top tips for buying a property abroad

To be able to just pack up and leave!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just throw our items in a suitcase and sail off to our dream home across the ocean? Unfortunately, it can’t be like the movies as we do not have a fast-forward montage that speeds everything up and skips over the nitty gritty of all the details, planning and headaches that go with buying and or relocating abroad.

Some top tips for buying a property abroad

  • Ask a local
    One of the best things to do before relocating to any area you are not acquainted or accustomed to is to ask a local about the place. The best way to do this is to take a trip there but that is not always affordable and or feasible so go online or ask your realtor to put you in touch with some reliable contacts.
  • Ensure you understand their laws, rules, regulations and culture
    With the internet at our fingertips and the likes of the all knowledgeable resources such as Google one only has to search out this information on the internet. If you still are not convinced you know enough about the country, ask your team of relocation experts for help and guidance.
  • Get all your paperwork sorted out
    Ensure that all your visa has been acquired, the fess has been paid and all your finances are in order before embarking on your journey.
  • Medical
    Ensure you have all the necessary medical test requirements and or any shots you may need to take before you leave your current country of residences. Some countries require tests such as TB x-rays, health certificates, vaccinations and malaria shots for example.
    Ensure you are FATCA compliant, check with your local tax office as you could face huge penalties if you are not if this requirement applies to you.


When buying overseas you will always need the help and representation of a local attorney and a Realtor that specializes in international Real Estate.


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