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International Real Estate

Whether you are buying a property in another country as an investment, holiday home or to completely relocate there are different international property laws, property taxes, finding the correct district, schools and not to mention all that the actual move involves for you and your family.

2 Best international real-estate books to help you with your property investment

#1           How to Buy Real Estate Overseas
By Kathleen Peddicord
Kathleen Peddicord is an expert on overseas property investment and retirements.
Her book helps advise and guide prospective overseas property buyers on the pitfalls, challenges and advantages of investing and or relocating overseas.Having invested in real estate in over eighteen countries, revamped various real estate in sixteen countries and established seven foreign businesses in some of the fifty-odd countries to which she has travelled, the author writes from her own experiences.

#2           World Right Side Up
By Christopher W. Mayer
This book takes the reader on a journey of real estate investment opportunity across six continents.
Revealing hidden investment treasures in some of the most beautiful countries in the world including that of South Africa, China to Colombian gold fields and Brazilian agricultural lands.


Buying real estate locally or even in another state or province of your own country can be difficult especially for first-time buyers.  It is always advisable to have a seasoned realtor that you trust and good legal counsel to handle all the transfers.   Most realtors and or some legal entities are able to advise you on the best mortgages and mortgages lenders.