3 Best countries in which to invest in real estate for 2018

The call for international real estate investment

It is nearly everyone’s dream to be able to invest in property in some exotic location be it for investment purpose, holiday home, retirement or to relocate.

3 Best countries for property investments in 2018

#1           Dominican Republic
With increase tourist trade and a rise in direct foreign investment this paradise with its crystal clear sea, white shores and great weather are enjoying strong steady economic growth. As such, there is a strong call for holiday apartments of which businessmen travelling to the Dominican Republic has been known to prefer especially those that stay longer than a week or two.
It would be a very sound investment to invest in holiday apartments designed specifically to meet the needs of these businessmen.

#2           Portugal
Portugal is one of the few countries where a non-resident can actually own property.  With the steady property markets of Portugal which have been on a steady increase since 2015, this is a place where you can invest in a great holiday home that could also make you some money as a holiday rental.  Especially if you are willing to take on a renovation project.  As Portugal is another popular tourist destination with its rich history, warm diverse culture and great beaches it is a sound property investment venture for 2018

#3           Brazil
Known for its party festivals this is a country that also has a steady tourist trade with the currency a bit weaker against the dollar it also makes buying a property a lot less expensive.A good place to start looking for property to invest in is the coastal region of Fortaleza.


If you are serious about investing in any international real estate, it is advisable to get professional help from both a legal and international realtor expert.  With the current economy, one must always check what the property markets are doing before investing hard earned cash in order to ensure your investment is sound and beneficial.